CentralCoastHomeBuyersReport.com New Design

This is the new design of CentralCoastHomeBuyersReport.com. I received the PSD file and converted it to HTML. I have difficulty in creating an HTML for this one because of the arrow in the center of the design. 

When I am creating an HTML for a PSD file, I make it possible that I can recreate the design using the standard HTML format and not just purely images on the code. All text are coded as text also so search engine bots can read it. As much as possible, I segregate each layer as separate image and not just slicing it. 

I saw another work of this design. For me, what he did is a poor work. He duplicated the design but he just made almost the images as a background and added the video and the form. The text is also included in the image background. If he was paid more than me, I would protest.


Date Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2010, 2:52 AM

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